Chauffeur services

One-way rides: From one point to another

Airport transfers

The most common service tends to be from an airport to the downtown area, or vice versa. For these rides, it is essential that you provide us with the passenger's flight number and phone number. We monitor flights to remain informed of their status in order to foresee any possible delays or early arrivals. Although it is always important to provide us with the passenger's phone number, this information is usually essential for airport pick-ups. These are particularly sensitive pick-ups because although the gate for each flight is specified (this is where the driver usually waits), passengers may be instructed to exit through a different gate, usually to ease congestion in certain parts of the airport or to make it easier for passengers to leave. In these cases, the phone number is fundamental in helping the driver and passenger find each other.

Transfers between cities

This is also one of our most common services, and rides usually take place between cities that are relatively close. This is a very comfortable trip that customers can take advantage of to work or simply to relax.

Others: Transfers between two points in a city, such as from or to ports, train stations, offices, etc.

Hourly services


These are hourly services in which all the stops are perfectly planned. They can last one or several days, and cover various cities. They have a commercial or economic purpose, which could be presenting a project or visiting potential investors.

City sightseeing

These rides generally last between four and six hours so passengers may visita city's most popular tourist spots. They are frequently requested during cruise liner stops at popular tourist destinations.

Other common rides include pick-ups for dinners or other leisure activities, as well as hourly services for visiting offices or branches in other cities, etc.