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Hello football lovers! Stay tuned for the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup!

Posted on 06-07-2018
BLOG_Fifa World Cup Russia 2018_SEMIFINALES

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Don't miss the last FIFA World Cup matches! Stay tuned for the semi-finals during July 10 and 11 and be ready to cover your clients in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the finest accommodation, hospitality and flights. Complement your concierge services with Drivania to offer an exclusive travel experience to your most discerning clients. 

Just 2 matches to go for the World Cup final! You have less than 4 days to book the chauffeured transportation for your clients' next trip to Russia. 

Don't forget your top destinations for next week in the world's largest country:

   Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow

   10 July SEMI-FINAL

         15 JULY FINAL

   Saint Petersburg Stadium

  11 July SEMI-FINAL

        14 July PLAY-OFF THIRD PLACE





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